Avis Sunglasses
Avis Sunglasses
Avis Sunglasses
Avis Sunglasses

Avis Sunglasses

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Can a woman ever really have too many... sunglasses? If you're like us you need a pair in your car, a pair in your bag, a casual pair, a sporty pair, an elegant pair... basically, you need a sunglasses wardrobe in summer and we love the sweet spot pricing of sunglasses; high quality, and yet not hundreds of dollars causing you to cry when you look into the lake and your sunglasses fall in.  Come on, we've all done it.

We found 3 styles that typify the 3 different women in our family and look good on so many face shapes!

  • Myrna loves a cateye frame, stylish and flattering on many face shapes. She's rocked them since the 60's.
  • Taylor loves a big black shade with drama, perfect for patio time
  • Danielle likes a little metal on her frames for that slightly edgy feel

Tag us in your sunglasses selfie, please, so we can celebrate how great these look on so many. 

  • High quality durable acetate-cellulose
  • UVA/UVB protection
  • Includes blush pink carry case and cleaning cloth

Canadian Designed. Canadian Owned.