Black Terrazzo Hair Twister
Black Terrazzo Hair Twister

Black Terrazzo Hair Twister

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Bad hair day, hair in your face, or just want to be cuter than you were 10 seconds ago?  Just twist one of these flexible, wired hairbands in place. What we love about these is everything:

1. Flexible with an integrated metal rod!  Play and style them in any number of ways - like a bow, flat, twisted into a knot.. you do you. The soft, plastic-coated metal shaft ensures durability
2. You can twist 2 together for a custom look!  Yep!  Remember twister beads from the 80's? You get it.
3.  These are made with the off-cuttings of fabric, reducing waste and contributing to a circular economy. 

As a small shop we work very hard to ensure you love the fit of your purchase and minimize returns - we are here to help! Email and we will happily advise on fit and even try it on for you or send a pic!

Canadian Owned. Canadian Designed. Canadian Manufactured.