"Lemontini in Santorini" Wood Wick Candle

"Lemontini in Santorini" Wood Wick Candle

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Lemontini in Santorini is part of our Vacay All Day Collection. This candle features notes of lemon • lime • sugar • vanilla. Remiscent of drinking our favourite cocktail in gorgeous Greece!

We have burned and gifted these candles for years and love that they burn clean, crackle as they burn, smell fantastic and have cheeky names. In fact, if you know Taylor or Danielle, you have likely been gifted one at some point. Plus, you're left with a minimalist container after that we've been known to plant with succulents and drink from.

  • 8oz
  • 50 hour burn time
  • High quality soy and vegetable wax blend
  • Clean burning wood wick 

Canadian Made, Canadian Designed, Canadian Manufactured.